CRAPbot Battles IOW World Championship Tournament Video

Here it is.. the entire event play list of 37 videos!!… including The Final.. Outtakes and ….the Battle Royal Rumble.
See you at the next one on the 20th March The King Lud 😉 x

In This Episode…

CRAPbot Battles!

After watching this video..

I was inspired, and as an award winning Magician and Entertainer who hosts all manor or themed nights…

I decided to run The IOW WORLD CRAPbot CHAMPIONSHIP at The King Lud, in Ryde on the Isle of Wight on Friday the 20th of Feb 2015.

16 CRAPbots competed.. but only 1 walked away with the sought after priceless prize that is The IOW World CRAPbot Championship Title Belt (and Bragging rights of course!)

There was also other awards presented including The Most Original Design Award, the Wooden Spoon award for the Worst CRAPbot and of course the Best Designed CRAPbot, all voted for BY the People!

Also can’f forget the ‘Battle-Royal-Rumble’!

Watch as we go through the qualifying, battle through the quarters, the semis and the the final.

Additional footage by Adam Gaterell Check out his amazing Art work at this link :

I will be running the 2nd World Championships, again at the King Lud in Ryde on the IOW on **FRIDAY 20th MARCH 2015**

it’s Free to enter, the beer will be served well into the night and there will be an opportunity to test out the Battle Arena, and hold your own grudge match’s in the afternoon on that friday.

Bots need to aprox fit inside a round biscuit tin, and be safe enough to use in the pub..think of it like this.. if you can use it in your nan’s living room…you can probably use it in the comp! ….if you can’t.. then you can’t!!
Will the Victor hold on to the Prize Belt??
Will bitter rivals grudge it out??
Will Kev’s bot make it to the start line??
Come down to see this event LIVE on the **20th March!**

*Judges (or host’s) decision is final.

May the Bestest CRAPiest Bot Team WIN!!


If you have something/someone, Poetry, Art, Music, Clips, Riddles, Jokes, Skits, Tricks etc etc.. that you think could feature on the show, please get in touch!

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