The Tail of Howard the Duck

But Then……

So WHERE was Howard??

Well.. Apparently he’d left the island with Helen and Nina. I guess he decided they were better festival buddies and decided to leave without telling me. He (allegedly) went to Glastonbury to party in the Mud, yet I never saw him once! But now I think about it, I did hear a few ‘Quacks’ up at the Stone Circle and down at Block 9!

I then got a message that simply read.. WE HAVE YOUR DUCK! Initially I thought we were dealing with a Ducknapping Ransom Theif… Especially when photos starting popping up!?

Helen Looking Like a Bond Villain

Nina seems to have fallen in love with Howard.. oooo .. It’ll be the Big Deep Blue Eyes….er…..Eye!

His Holiday Mate

Good Job hes had his Flea injections… The Cat.. I Mean

Howard is Sooo Lazy, he doesnt even flap his wings to fly these days!

All the way from DARBYSHIRE!?!?

Howard and Mikey, Reunited at long last. Thank you to everybody who shared, and spread the word. To Helen and Nina. Show what good can come of the internet and lovely people. x

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