2015 CRAZY Summer of Love! .. So far!


So IOW fest was Brilliant, the launch of my Human Fruit Machine was Hilarious! Photos and Video will follow .. eventually.

I have also performed at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice fun day at Barton Manor.

I also had the huge pleasure of performing for the third year, to my friends at the TVR club. Check out these awesome videos on my wall over at my Huxley Magic Facebook Page link here 

Check out the AMAZIN’ Shots by Emma Watts

Emma Watts Photography (8)


Amy and Mark tied the knot! They had the most amazing day at Ryde Castle, packed with hilarious kids, of ALL ages! It was a truly beautiful union of two lovely family’s; and I had the privilege of entertaining them all with a kids show, Close up walk about table hopping magic and a mini cabaret set, not to mention Hux’s unforgettable special trick just for the happy couple.

Wedding Kids Show (fantastic while the speeches are on elsewhere)

Emma Watts Photography (1) Emma Watts Photography (2) Emma Watts Photography (3) Emma Watts Photography (4) Emma Watts Photography (5) Emma Watts Photography (6) Emma Watts Photography (7)

Close Up in the Bar (Families Unite)

Emma Watts Photography (9) Emma Watts Photography (10) Emma Watts Photography (11) Emma Watts Photography (12) Emma Watts Photography (13) Emma Watts Photography (14)

Mini Cabaret Set

Emma Watts Photography (15) Emma Watts Photography (16) Emma Watts Photography (17) Emma Watts Photography (18) Emma Watts Photography (19)

Hux’s Very Special Bride and Groom Trick

Emma Watts Photography (20) Emma Watts Photography (21) Emma Watts Photography (22) Emma Watts Photography (23) Emma Watts Photography (24)

Table Hopping Walk About Magic Fun

Emma Watts Photography (25) Emma Watts Photography (26) Emma Watts Photography (27) Emma Watts Photography (28) Emma Watts Photography (29) Emma Watts Photography (30) Emma Watts Photography (31) Emma Watts Photography (32)Emma Watts Photography (33)

Thank you so much to Emma Watts Photography for these stunning shots. Please check her page out here 

If you have a wedding to which you would like to add that extra special ‘Magical Touch’ with an Award-winning Original IOW Magician..know I will do you proud! 🙂 My number is at the top of the page, or click Here

Scrapbot Convention – Sat 30th May – FREE – Open to ALL!

I will be running the 3rd World Championships, again at the King Lud in Ryde on the IOW on **FRIDAY 15th May 2015**


the First FREE Scrapbot Convention at the First Floor in Newport IOW on **SAT 30th MAY** This is a family event with workshops, tournament, free mini magic show, talks etc OPEN TO ALL!

More info for all these events can be found at our facebook page, pop over there and drop us a like! https://www.facebook.com/Scrapbotbattles

This is a FREE event, open to ALL, and has been subject to interest from schools, cubs, scouts, sea cadets, work mates, flat mates, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, granddads… It combines all the best parts of community development and working locally with youth groups and alike.

Most of the Competitors from Scrapbots 2

Many of the ‘bots are constructed using old toys, RC cars, cd players, disk drives etcetera. Some broken, others deconstructed, recycled, upcycled and/or modified. A lot of the motors, gearing, wires, switches and battery housings have been salvaged from lofts, skips and charity shops. We are talking with charity shop donation centres in regard to salvaging any broken bits which they can’t sell, but we could use.


It’s all very basic electronics. However, some of the builders have discovered or rediscovered a joy for learning and advancing their skills in electronics, mechanical engineering, sculpting, casting and circuitry… myself included! There have been build videos, experiments in steering and some fantastic comradery among fairly competitive teams, some of whom will be giving talks and demos at the convention.

This is Bruce’s Controller made from a Chinese Tub and drawing pins.. quite genius! And below his beast Spike in action!

This type of battling started only last year in Japan (Hebocon – link below). Seven months later I held the first UK battle here on the Isle of Wight. Since then competitions have popped up in China, Korea, USA and Canada: all sharing photos and YouTube videos which will continue to be viewed and shared as momentum builds for this creative, community developing and, above all, amazingly fun movement!


Our generation all watched RobotWars, and all wished to be in it. Unfortunately most of us did not have the money, time, tech’ nor know-how. This competition is designed specifically for anyone and everyone to put something together (whether a slipper taped to a ‘Hot Wheels’ car or a fully mechanised walking bot comprising half an RC car and some wire coat hangers); compete in a free competition and probably win a prize!


Don’d forget, it’s Free to enter, the beer will be served well into the night and there will be an opportunity to test out the Battle Arena, and hold your own grudge matches.


Rules (subject to change)
The battle arena size, and start position measurements will be posted soon, but think the size of a large table. Your bots body will be no bigger than.. And must fit inside approx. a round biscuit tin. Again, more details to follow..

To qualify, you and your bot gotta..

1. Be there!

2. It needs to move.. Be that forward, spinning.. Or semi/fully controlled.

3. No Chemical Warfare! (Sam)

4. It must have a good name AND theme!

5. Bots need to be safe enough to use in the pub..
(Think of it like this.. if you can use it in your nan’s living room…you can probably use it in the comp! ….if you can’t.. then you can’t!!)

You lose by being knocked over, or pushed out first. Judges decision is final.
You Win by being the last bot standing.

Rc is fine.. Or cable remote,
or just turn it on.. And let go when we say ‘FIGHT’.. And hope for the best?!
Happy building!!


May the Bestest SCRAPiest Bot Team WIN!!

SCRAPBOT BATTLES 2 The Grudgematch! Photos and Video

After the huge success of the first tournament, well… This is the second tournaments highlight photos and footage from :-


Battle Royal Rumble - Chris Pickett - Guardian 2 DSCF0708

DSCF0709 DSCF0710

DSCF0715 DSCF0717  DSCF0737

DSCF0739 DSCF0742

DSCF0744 DSCF0745

DSCF0746 DSCF0720

DSCF0749 DSCF0753

DSCF0754 DSCF0766

DSCF0775 DSCF0787

The Damage Chemical Warfare has on the Battle Arena!!

DSCF0791 DSCF0793

DSCF0795 DSCF0806

DSCF0807 DSCF0810

DSCF0811 DSCF0814

DSCF0817 DSCF0821

DSCF0827 DSCF0840

DSCF0844 DSCF0857

  Battle Royal Rumble!!

DSCF0860 DSCF0880

DSCF0881 DSCF0882

IMG_9709 IMG_9710

Most of The Pilots and their Bots

People Choice - Bruce Steers - Spiked  IMG_9714

Winner of Peoples Choice                   Winner of Battle Royal

IMG_9715Most of the Competitors from Scrapbots 2

Winner of LOOSERs Tiara                 Team Photo

Over all winner Chris Pickett - Guardian2

Overall Winner (and title belt holder for the 2nd time!)

Watch as we battle through the quarters, the semis and the the final.

Enjoy! and Please don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and Comment! x

PROOF – Huxleymagic.co.uk Stickers are MAGIC!

As many of you know I am currently giving out HuxleyMagic.co.uk Stickers Which have proven to magically make things go faster…

Here are Freya’s and Alicia’s Bike and Scooter donning the sought after stickers!

Sticker Alicia Scooter Sticker Freya Bike

Thank you to Fran for the Photos!

BUT.. The Proof is in the Pudding!! (well.. Video, clink the link below to see!)

See Hux, Get your sticker, and bosch it on your Bike, Scooter, Skateboard, Inlines, Car, Fridge, Helmet… Bed! …and snap a photo or video of it goin’ and post it on here on or my FB wall and you could win a FREE MAGIC PRIZE!!!


Fantastic Show at Easter Fun Day at CHARM (Tank Museum)

This photo is from Huxley’s Hilarious Cowboy/girl Routine.

Its one of Hux’s Magic Tricks that lasts over a Decade! … as THIS is the photo that will be on the wall at Bella’s 18th! lol 😉 You will hate me for it then, but I hope …you will forgive me for it in later life. (When you set your own kids up!)

Thank you to Sarah for the Photo (and being my accomplice!)Cowboy Pic CHARM by Sarah

CHARM by Fran

Don’t Break the Wand Alicia!… Or Granddad’s Box!!

Thank you to Fran for the Photo.

Fantastic Show, Amazing Day All Round! Massive Thank you to all that were involved especially Jax! Well done you! x Hux