Henna and Jagua Temporary Tattoos

Henna / Jagua Temporary Tattoo Workshops / Custom Painting

For nearly a decade I have been painting tattoos, over a thousand a year, at festivals, workshops and functions across the UK.

 hux henna back

I facilitate Henna/Jagua Workshops, regularly at FISH (Guildford Borough Council) teaching the young people the history, techniques, and skill of natural and safe temporary body art. Covering all designs and style from around the globe, such as Mhendi/ Oriental/ South American/ Polynesian looking at the similarities and the cultural diversity of the ancient practice.

Hux Feather

I also paint custom designs by appointment. These can be done individually of for a far better savings as a Henna Party. Maybe an exciting twist to your Hen-do, Pre Wedding Party or Birthday Party. Please contact me directly on Huxley27@gmail.com 

a traditional styled peacock

a traditional styled peacock

a very special illuminating piece

a very special illuminating piece

Hols Arm

Hols Arm

Huxley's Feather jaguatattoo.co.uk

Huxley’s Feather

Eye Eye - Jaguatattoo.co.uk

Eye Eye – Jaguatattoo.co.uk



“Chances are if you have ever had a temporary tattoo at a large UK festival in the last ten years, there’s a 84% chance that it was in my stall; and out of them a 27% chance it would have been me that painted it upon your person.” *

* 43% chance  of that statement being accurate

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